Variotherm temperature control, i.e. a systematically gradated mould temperature over cycle time, provides a variety of benefits for the process, the part surface and strength as well as for the economic efficiency. The temperature of the pre-heated cavity wall rises as the hot polymer melt is injected into the mould. Mould cooling begins after the cavity has been filled. Only then is the part temperature reduced to the level required for demoulding.

Benefits of variotherm temperature control vs. conventional
mould temperature control:

  • Longer holding pressure even in areas away from the gate
  • Requires less injection pressure and clamping force
  • Reduces internal stress during injection compression moulding of optical parts
  • More accurate reproduction of surface details of micro- or nanostructures, surfaces with piano finish
  • Better reproduction of surface effects such as self-cleaning or anti-reflection effects
  • Ensures a more homogenous orientation of glass fibres in technical components
  • Increases the welding time for melt fronts and reduces the occurrence of weld lines
  • Less risk of warpage caused by shrinkage
  • Better dimensional stability and shot-by-shot consistency
  • Does not require any changes to the mould construction
  • Optimised cycle times due to lower-temperature cooling

Benefits of SINGLE EcoTemp:

  • Durable valve technology
  • Short control signal response times
  • Optimised ramp up times thanks to two temperature settings per circle: standby and automatic temperature
  • Lower energy consumption than classic constant temperature control

Standard equipment

  • SCT controller with EcoTemp functional range
  • High-quality pump materials with hydraulic equipment
  • Automatic filling and replenishing
  • Switch box to IP54

Optional features

  • Connection for various analogue and digital interfaces
  • Pneumatic continuous control valves
  • Runner system for individual flow measurement and monitoring can be mounted on the injection moulding machine or the mould platens