All SINGLE products with particularly high efficiency and impressively low energy consumption are awarded with the EcoPlus label. This achievement is the result of specific hydraulic, electric or thermally effective special equipment for temperature control systems and cooling systems.

Pump speed control as a superior feature

High-quality centrifugal pumps make a significant contribution to the EcoPlus label. Particularly the Water Advanced product family starting from size N1 impresses with the technical efficiency of the pump motors of the IE3 efficiency class. These centrifugal pumps have a significantly higher efficiency range than comparable impeller-type peripheral pumps.

With speed controlled pumps the flow rate can be limited to the capacity required for the process at hand. The reduction of energy consumed by the pump exceeds the speed reduction.

Variotherm temperature control improves efficiency

By returning the temperature control medium after cycle switch-over, the ATT temperature control system recovers the medium’s maximum energy content. This approach is not possible with cartridge heaters, ceramic elements or induction heating used in combination with water cooling. Comparative measurements during injection moulding processes have proven the superior energy efficiency of the ATT system time and again.

Thanks to lower supply temperatures, the EcoTemp passive alternating temperature control can significantly shorten the production process and minimize the energy consumption. This correlation was also proven and documented extensively.

Cooling systems

Cooling systems also have potential for savings. Processes which allow the use of free cooling systems consume substantially less energy than those that use cooling compressors. Innovative cooling agents such as R410A can significantly improve the EER value of the cooling system. This can lead to high savings in investment and operating costs.