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SCT SINGLE Controllers

SCT standard and SC professional controllers
Modern temperature control technology is expected to meet a wide range of control and parameterization requirements. SINGLE SC controllers for closed-loop and open-loop control are perfect for tapping the full potential of SINGLE temperature-control units to suit individual requirements. Available as SC standard and SC professional, the controllers provide instructions in several languages, an intuitive user interface and a graphics-enabled color display. All SINGLE temperature control systems except the STL and Mini series are equipped with the new SC standard open-loop and closed-loop technology.

Single-Temperiertechnik Basic Controller

SBC SINGLE Basic Controller

SBC controllers
SINGLE SBC controllers for open-loop and closed-loop control are ideal for all standard temperature control technology requirements. This high-quality, highly efficient basic controller is integrated in all SINGLE temperature control systems of the Mini and STL series as well as in small chillers up to Type SKA 8. It provides a separate graphical display of set and current temperature values with seven-segment displays. It can also be equipped with an interface for injection molding machines and a DP (decentralized periphery) profibus as an option.